Friday, 5 October 2018

How Keyboard Covers Help You Learn to Type

Teaching students to not look at the keyboard while typing is an instructor’s biggest challenge. The temptation is always there and continually looking down can impair one’s ability to learn quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, the SpeedSkin computer keyboard covers will help block out the letters on the keyboard for more effective typing instruction.

Our polyurethane covers sit atop of both standard and slim keyboards and are entirely opaque. Students of any age will not be able to peek underneath the cover for the letters, and it will prompt them to learn from memory alone. They provide a completely natural feel to the keyboard and are incredibly easy to install and remove.

One of the benefits of our computer keyboard covers is that you will not need to replace them as newer computer models replace current keyboards. Our covers can fit on a variety of keyboards from PC and Mac to Chromebook and other slim laptops.

The SpeedSkin keyboard covers are an excellent resource for any typing class. We offer a variety of prices and offers, depending on the amount you are ordering, and our product is compatible with nearly every typing software on the market. For more information, visit or contact our customer service team at 800-558-7601.