Wednesday, 21 November 2018

How Computer Experience Helps Students Score Higher on Online Exams

In today’s world, the mastery of technology skills is more critical than ever. Not only are basic computing skills necessary for communication, research, and jobs, but students with more computer and typing experience tend to perform better on their exams.

With everything transitioning to the digital age, online exams are becoming more common throughout schools across the nation. This includes essay portions, where exceptional typing skill is necessary to get through the exam within the allotted time. Typing is the foundation for many other computer skills and is one of the most important ones for students to master.

When you want to train your students how to type faster, the SpeedSkin keyboard covers are an exceptional product to use in the classroom. The orange, opaque cover prevents students from peeking or using the slow “hunt and peck” method. This allows them to focus on typing by touch, rather than sight, increasing their speed. Our product is also compatible with many different typing programs and is the perfect supplement to any curriculum.

With an increased typing skill, students can formulate their best thoughts in the exam before time runs out. It also reduces grammatical and typing errors, further increasing exam scores. If you are interested in ordering the SpeedSkin keyboard cover for your class, please contact us today for ordering information.