Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Encouraging Parents to Learn Touch Typing

Touch type is essential for many people in today’s age, as the advancement of computer-based technology is rapidly growing. Though many students are excited to learn to type at an accelerated pace, their parents may still be stuck using the hunt and peck method.

Fortunately, it is never too late for adults to master their typing skills. The SpeedSkin keyboard cover is an exceptional way to learn how to type by touch, rather than sight. Using SpeedSkin/PC or UltraSlim cover with your favorite software, one can master touch-typing in only 6-8 hours. One way to introduce typing to your students’ parents is to encourage them to utilize typing software at home for additional practice. You can also have students sign out your SpeedSkins to show their parents how easy it is to type without peeking!

Another great way to get parents involved in learning how to type is to offer a variety of take-home resources for students and their parents to keep at their computers. At SpeedSkin, we also provide a range of keyboarding posters and desk references to help learners of all ages better understand the touch type process.

You can also create a fun assignment by having your students compare their typing speed with their parents. Not only will it be enjoyable for the student, but it can help encourage parents to improve their own typing skills to create more of a challenge.

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